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Tandem Paragliding... who is it for?

Everyone from 4 to 99 years old. You just need to be able to take a few steps on a grassy slope (or snow) for take off! The landing is surprisingly gentle. There is no need to be particularly sporty!

Children must be able to express their desire to fly themselves. In general, children are more quickly at ease than adults. It's a real pleasure for both the child and the pilot!


In paragliding we do not feel the vertigo effect. To feel vertigo you have to be in contact with the ground. Paragliding, you are sitting comfortably in your harness so just open your eyes and breathe deeply. For many the feeling of flight can be likened to diving or yoga! You are in state of pure relaxation!

Paragliding is too relaxing... I want adrenalin!

We can fly a thousand ways! This is the magic of paragliding. We can tailor a very quiet flight for "Grandpa"... but we can also, if the passenger wishes, really up the energy with wing overs (high energy turns where the pilot and passenger pass over the paraglider) or spiral dives descending at over 15m/s with a centrifugal force of more than 3G! Adrenlin fix, we can do!!

There really is something for everyone!

Who am I flying with?

Wing over Chamonix tandem pilots are true professionals. They all hold instructors qualifications in paragliding as well as other disciplines (high mountain guides and ski instructors) issued by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports. They will share their passion for flying with you in the exceptional surroundings of Chamonix.

Is there a weight limit?

Our tandem gliders are approved for a total flying weight of 230kg (weight of pilot, passenger and equipment). So a passenger can exceed 120kg. The only limiting factor is being able to get into the harness, so it is possible for almost anyone to fly with us!

For very light people, children and teenagers (less than 40kg) it is better to fly in calm conditions. That is why we prefer early morning flights for these passengers.

What to wear?

For the classic flights from Plan Praz or Plan de l’Aiguille, we advise passengers to wear trousers, a jumper and windproof jacket. Avoid flip flops and sandals. A pair of trainers or hiking boots is more appropriate.

For flights from Grand Montets and Aiguille du Midi warmer clothing is advisable along with waterproof hiking boots.

In winter, dress warmly like you would to go skiing.

Sunglasses are advised for all times of year.

Is it dangerous?

No, paragliding is a sport with risks but only if it is practiced in extreme or unsuitable conditions.

The pilots who accompany you are highly competent and responsible professionals, whose sole concern is to ensure you enjoy your flight with maximum safety.

How do we manage a tandem flight? Take off, flight and landing?

Before take off your pilot will equip you with your harness and helmet and give you a briefing.

Once connected to the wing we start by taking a few steps forward, without sitting down, to reach the speed necessary to inflate the paraglider and then take off. We do not jump like with a parachute! During the take off you will quickly feel your weight being supported by the paraglider, becoming progressively lighter and then you're in the air!

Once in the air, you can sit comfortably in the harness. It is as comfortable as sitting in an armchair in front of the TV! Except here you are the hero! This is the time to enjoy the scenery and ask lots of questions! We can talk in the air and your instructor will be happy to talk with you during the flight. We can take pictures and with a little luck you will see some of the local wildlife such as chamois (mountain goats) or eagles…

The landing is very simple and is very smooth. It is best to stand up but we provide passenger harnesses with an airbag under the seat to protect passengers who have difficulty getting up (or who have a bad knee for example…)

From 120€

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