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The typical agenda for a classic tandem flight (Planpraz and Plan de l’aiguille)

  • Meet your pilot at the bottom of the appropriate lift.
  • 15 minutes later you're at the take off site.
  • The pilot will prepare the paraglider at the take off site (a gentle grassy slope) and you will be equipped with your helmet and harness. After a short briefing you're ready to go! This takes around 10 minutes.
  • Along with your pilot you will start at a brisk walk, the paraglider will rise above your head and you will feel progressively lighter and lighter until you are flying!
  • Once you are in the air you will sit comfortably in your harness. For the next 20 minutes time stands still, you will fly like bird in the capable hands of your Wing over Chamonix pilot.
  • For landing, the pilot will ask you to stand up and take a few steps. You will be surprised how gently you land!
  • The total time between meeting and landing is typically around one hour.

We fly from 9am (8.15am in the summer) and the last flight is at 4pm.

It is important to understand that we are flying without an engine and the flight time is determined by the aerology.

The first morning flights are usually in very calm air, suitable for children but also for anyone looking for a calm relaxing flight. The light is beautiful and we can often see chamois (mountain goats). The duration of this flight is around 15 minutes

From 10-11am, the sun starts to heat up and we encounter the first thermals of the day, we can make our flights last longer and with the help of the thermals, gain altitude above the take off site. Flights last between 20 and 30 minutes
We advise people who suffer with travel sickness (cars, boats) to fly earlier in the morning to make the most of their flights in the calmest flying conditions.


In winter: you should dress as you would for skiing with multiple layers, warm waterproof shoes for walking in the snow and sunglasses.

In summer: a jumper, windbreaker jacket, trousers, sunglasses and trainers or hiking boots. Even if it's hot, it will feel much cooler at altitude, and when flying, you feel 40km of wind (the speed of our aircraft).

*The lift ticket is not included in the price (for the latest lift prices please visit

From 120€

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