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Philoso fly

Philoso fly

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Flying tandem has been part of our lives for many years... more than 20 years!

The pleasure of meeting new passengers with diverse lives from all over the world and hearing many stories. Working in a setting which is constantly changing during the seasons with ever changing weather and aerological conditions, all of which feed our passion for flying and preserve it. Each flight is a pleasure and a discovery.

Flying comes in a thousand facets and through our projects and trips we always like to innovate or to be in search of performance and adventures.


Olivier Luneau

is passionate about "cross country" flying, a discipline that requires a profound understanding of open space, a vast knowledge of the mountains, a lot of patience and tenacity. The goal is to fly for hours, taking an entire day to complete a route using thermals. You have to think like a bird and stay focused for 8 or 9 hours. Eating and even peeing in the air!

Regularly flying over 200km, leapfrogging over the mountains between Chamonix, Chambéry and Annecy. He is a happy dad who always tries to get back in time for dinner with his little family!

His playground... the Alps, Spain and Brazil!


Olivier Laugero, Sophie and their daughter Lou

regularly leave Chamonix to sail their boat around the world. The "Kagou Flying Boat" project (check out the Kagou Flying Boat Facebook page). Together they explore new flight sites in the Caribbean Islands and Pacific Ocean. Sophie is an acrobat artist and their duo perform magnificent aerial dance performances in a perfect mixture of circus and paragliding.

Olivier is also a bivouac flight lover. A discipline that allows you to travel for days by flying and walking. Depending on weather conditions, with his paraglider and bivouac equipment he can cross entire mountain ranges including the Alps or parts of the Himalayas. Carrying enough food for a week of autonomy the bag is heavy, more than 20 kilos. When it's not possible to fly you have to hike. It’s pure adventure, a total commitment!

Every day we are impressed by the performances of the birds with whom we share the sky over Chamonix; alpine choughs, royal eagles and vultures which return more numerous each year.

Birds are no secret for Olivier Laugero, a passionate ornithologist, he has worked as a nature guide. He will tell you about bone-breaking vultures and black swifts that mark their thermals!

Flying tandem is also an immersion into nature in contact with extraordinary wildlife. Fly over a herd of chamois or look out for chanterelles whilst hanging in the air with our mushroom specialist Olivier Luneau.

You won't be bored with the Wing over Chamonix team.

One last thing... we consider laughter to be the perfect weapon against stress. Some passengers may be a little anxious... so at Wing over Chamonix we have a good sense of humour to help distract you!

See you soon!

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