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  • A story of a person who dreams of flying!

    She looks up to gaze at Mont Blanc
    and sees the paragliders overhead in the sky of Chamonix
    which colour the sky like butterflies…

    She thinks she is too old,
    she thinks she is too young
    to explore the air.

    Yet she really wants to feel alive...
    to feel free, to shout, to laugh, to sing!
    Like in her childhood dreams, she wants to fly like a bird!

    Tandem flights - Paragliding Chamonix

    Vols biplace - Parapente Chamonix

  • And if this person was you?

    So take a few steps, open your eyes wide
    and treat yourself to a paragliding tandem flight with a qualified pilot
    in one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world,
    the Chamonix Mont Blanc valley.

    Tandem paragliding Chamonix

    Vol biplace parapente chamonix

With our instructors

Olivier Laugero

Olivier Laugero alias “Zeitoun”: Paragliding instructor and photographer.

The adventurer, he has been flying all over the world for over 25 years. Having had a bit of a lifestyle change since becoming a dad, Zeitoun now sails the oceans with his wife Sophie and their daughter Lou on their sailboat.

First pilot in history to have landed on the summit of Mont Blanc with a passenger in 2009, in 2013 he flew one of the highest flights ever recorded at 7425m in the Himalayas. He's a specialist!

A nature lover, naturalist, photographer for paragliding brands and RedBull for many years he always has a travel plan at hand! His dilemma, his heart swings between the mountains and the ocean!

Olivier Luneau

Olivier Luneau: Paragliding instructor, head of « Ski Set » stores in Chamonix.

Olivier is a passionnate rider and glider who started paragliding very early on, over 30 years ago!
He is a specialist in cross country flights, which consists in flying over long distances using thermals for lift. Olivier can jump from cloud to cloud, transit across the mountain ranges, spending the whole day in the air.

The triangular flight between Chamonix,Chambéry and Annecy (and back to Chamonix !) is a piece of cake for our amazing pilot, spending more than 8 hours in the air and traveling distances of over 200km. A proper hen dad, he always tries to be back home on time to meet with his family.

Ashami Fares

Ashami Fares: Paragliding instructor and rope access technician.

Our teams’ padawan member, a jack in all disciplines. For years, climbing has filled most of his waking hours, he still climbs daily and is addicted to chalk!
His mountain bike is always on hand and he stamps his feet during the autumn in anticipation of the first winter snow falls dreaming of powder!

One day, around 10 years ago, he discovered the fascinating world of
paragliding ! His love for nature and hiking naturally ended up pushing him towards the practice of « Hike and fly »
Hike and fly has known a significant boom in recent years with the development of lightweight material. Ashami can often be found at the top of the « Aiguillette des Houches », after walking for a few hours to reach this magnificent spot, he can take off from the mountain pastures. He departs on foot from his house, lands back in front of his doorstep and never gets tired of it!

Sophie Laugero

Sophie Laugero: Yoga teacher, navigator, artist and secretary for Wing-Over during the summer season.

Sophie is married to Olivier Laugero, and they travel the world as a family, with their little daughter Lou. Before they met, she had worked for many years on magnificent sailboats, sailing accross the planets’ oceans.

Sophie is an acrobat artist and their duo performs magnificent aerial dance performances, in a perfect mix of circus acts and paragliding.
She trudges all day in her adopted mountains to prepare for her mid-mountain guide degree. Her Kundalini yoga practice and teaching are essential to her personnal balance and well being.

And our Philosofly !

The pleasure of meeting new passengers with diverse lives from all over the world and hearing such amazing stories. Working within a setting that is constantly evolving over the passing seasons, with ever changing weather conditions, all of which feeds into our passion for flying and maintains it.
Every single flight is a pleasure and a new discovery.

Flying comes in a thousand facets and through our projects and trips we are always looking to innovate and are in search of new performances and adventures. Every day we are impressed by the grace of the birds with whom we share the skies over Chamonix; alpine Choughs, royal eagles and vultures that come back to join us in ever growing numbers each year.

Tandem flying is also an immersion into nature, you’re in contact with extraordinary wildlife.

  • Fly over a herd of chamois or look out for Chanterelles mushrooms whilst gliding in the air with our mushroom specialist Olivier Luneau.
  • Birds are no secret for Olivier Laugero, a passionate ornithologist who has worked as a nature guide. He will marvel you about bone-breaking vultures and black swifts that mark their thermals!
  • Ashami Fares, the youngest member of our team who is also passionate about nature. He is the only pilot in Chamonix to have seen a lynx in the valley, accompanied by his passenger during a tandem flight!

One last thing... we consider laughter to be the perfect anti-stress tool. Some passengers may be a little anxious... so at Wing over Chamonix we have a good sense of humour to have a good time and always keep things fun!

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